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Welcome to the website of Ra-Sha Water, Gas & Sanitary Installation Company, the best address for all your new water, gas & sanitary installations, expansions and the maintenance of your existing system. Our services include installations and maintenance of water and gas systems, boilers, heaters and pressurized water systems. We work with quality materials of brands such as COMISA (multilayer pipe and fittings) and Pentax.

Ra-Sha is an independently owned and operated company and is in business for more than 15 years. We are the partner in major public projects in Suriname that must measure up to high safety and quality standards.

We import our materials from COMISA and Pentax from Italy. These products are certified according to European standards and are also approved by the Suriname Water Company (Surinaamse Waterleiding Maatschappij, SWM) and the Suriname Energy Company (Energie Bedrijven Suriname, EBS).

We are the sole agent and distributor of COMISA & Pentax products in Suriname and the Caribbean!

We are professional installers who can guarantee the quality you demand.

We also sell COMISA multilayer pipes for water and gas installations, including all the fittings, and  Pentax water pumps from 0.5 Hp – 5.5 hp (higher Hp only on request), pressure tanks,

Hydromatic H1 and pressure switches. A 1(one) year warranty on all our installations and products is included.

RA-SHA GAWASA NV. Simply the best!



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Ra-sha give you warranty on our water- and gas installations.

We have extended our specialization by using a new gas and water supply system made by COMISA, of Italy. This has recently been introduced in Suriname, but has been used for quite some time in Europe. We deal with all the water and gas pipes installations, such as boiler installation, pump installation and plumbing. One of the reasons we use the multilayer pipes is to prevent copper theft 

International certificates issued over the years prove the reliability and quality of this system. COMISA Gas System has the UNI TS 11344: 2009 standard and can be installed according to the UNI TS 11344: 2009 and the UNI 7129: 2009 standards.

The COMISA water and gas distribution system consists of a combined use of the multilayer pipe (5 layers) with press fittings, pronto-fit (push fit) and euro cone couplings. The pipes and the fittings are electrically isolated from each other by the special configuration of the plastic clip, to prevent any contact between the two metals. The use of this system is suitable for both surface and underground installations and the pipes can be installed either flush or surface. The multilayer pipes are suitable for hot and cold water, natural gas and LPG.

The water pipes can endure 95 degree (Celsius) heat and a pressure of 10 bar. Gas pipes endure 70 degree heat and have a working pressure of 0.5 bar. The pipes are furthermore available in all sizes, such as 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 26 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm and 63 mm. All couplings are available in the form of press fittings, pronto-fit and euro cone couplings.

Another great advantage of these pipes is that they are extremely flexible and have a greater curvature than pipes made of copper. The maximum length of a pipe is no less than 300 meters and can be cut to any desired length. Because these pipes are very flexible, they can be bent much easier and they don’t have to be cut as often as the copper pipes, which will also reduce the use of too many couplings. Because of this, your installation will consist of a few pipes, so that de chance of leakage will be minimal.

COMISA pipes are the ideal material for hot and cold water installations and sanitary systems, for example, for drinkable water installations. Because of the quality of the materials and the ease which goes with the use of our system, you will also save time during the installations. Especially in the Caribbean countries, where working under the bright sun won’t always be easy, you will experience the use of COMISA products as very enjoyable.


Ra-Sha gives you warranty on all Pentax hydrofoors and pressure tank.

Each household has a pressurized water tank and pressure necessary for better water pressure.
Therefore Ra Sha brings a new brand hydroors and pressure tanks on the market according to European standards, which are obviously great for Suriname and the Caribbean.
All hydrofoors are suitable for 110 and 220 volt and are available from 0.5 t / m 5.5 bar. If desired, it is also possible, on the order to take a higher bar

RA-SHA GAWASA NV. Simply the best!


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Ra-Sha has been in business for more than 15 years and is an installation company specializing in new installations, expansions and the maintenance of your existing systems, such as water, gas and sanitary, boilers, heaters and pressurized water systems. We also do servicing of boilers and pumps.

We are located at Kwattaweg 427, Paramaribo – Suriname.

Our country has a widespread network of pipelines for the transport of water and gas to the customer. The growing demand for energy and the increased use of (drinking) water requires that new pipeline networks have to be built. Network administrators and contractors are therefore confronted with high quality and safety standards. It is here that Ra-Sha will make a huge difference, because for many years we already have only qualified and certified personnel working on our installations. We also make sure that our installers are continuously educated in the use of the most recent techniques and familiarize themselves with the newest products and materials on the market.

Ra-Sha is an independently owned entity. We want our business to increase and be more successful. This will be achieved by delivering quality work and materials to our customer base. We firmly believe that a happy and satisfied customer is the best advertisement that one can ask for and that is where our strength is. Because we are the official dealer of COMISA products for Suriname and the Caribbean, a healthy collaboration with our competitors and others in the branch will only help to strengthen our position in the market. The COMISA line of products are durable and of high quality and the benefits for the Surinamese market are almost immediately recognizable. Because the multilayer pipes and fittings will replace the copper pipes and fittings, there will be less copper theft, and the installations will last much longer so that the need to replace parts will be reduced.

We operate as follows. First we will meet with you, our prospective client/ customer, where we will discuss your needs and the possibilities. Shortly thereafter, we will make an offer and discuss it with you. After an agreement has been reached, we will turn our focus to making the drawings for your systems. If necessary, these drawings will be submitted to the appropriate government agencies for approval. Afterwards we will make an appointment with you regarding the new installation, expansions or maintenance.

Business units:
Gas: We carry out all the activities from the gas distribution pipelines to the gas connection.

Water:We install all pipelines from the water mains to the water meter.

Sanitary: We carry out all sanitary work, including the installation and connection of toilets, sinks and valves.

Ra-Sha’s target audience consists of individuals, businesses and the government. Our current clients include big companies like Hurricane Steel, De Schuilplaats and Arquitecma. But we are also working with government agencies, small installation companies and individuals who build their own homes.

Our installers have all participated in GAWASALO training and are certified. Their competencies include: perseverance, commercial insight, flexibility, financial acumen, communication, collaboration, industry experience, experience of entrepreneurship, dealing with people, stress resistant, accounting insight and inventivity




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