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The Comisa SOLARCOM solar thermal systems provide an
immediate return on the investment and demonstrate the strong
commitment for the environment. They are versatile systems,
designed to cover the needs of every type of application.

The natural circulation systems are the simplest and cheapest
system solution to produce domestic hot water.
They are small solar systems with single and double glazed
flat panels.

The coverage provided by the natural circulation solar thermal
can reach, on average, up to 70-80% of the annual domestic
hot water. The remaining water will then be produced with the
conventional technologies.


The solar collectors, usually placed on the roof, turn the solar
radiation into thermal energy. With the help of the heat transfer
fluid, namely a solution of glycol and water that circulates in
the pipes, the energy is transferred to the boiler. During the
heating, the heat of the heat transfer fluid is transferred to
the domestic water through the use of a heat exchanger. The
cooled fluid returns to the solar collectors where it is heated
again by closing the loop. An adequate automatic control system
monitors the proper operation of the system. A properly
sized system installed is able to reduce the costs associated
with the consumption of hot water up to 80 % in one year.


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